Grenville was never what you might call a gifted child. Rather a dreamy, perplexed little fellow but with a delightful innocence and immense curiosity. Now some 300 years on – by his own erudite calculations – he has slowly developed into a most agreeable merlinesque adult retaining all those wonderful puerile qualities that precluded him from attaining high office whilst carefully shepherding him towards the more rewarding round-table of writing and democratic reform.

He started writing with a couple of published financial articles over 10 years ago. A Blog followed but only relatively recently, and now his time is divided between active community engagement and debating assembly democracy. Categories on the main web are mostly limited to archived work: Fiction, Non Fiction, Scripts etc.. Written/recorded work on these pages is copyright so please contact him for re-use permission. All Written work is available in Audio on request. Refer to his Blog for recent articles.

Prior VoiceOver work is best sampled by listening to the compilation entitled, ‘Pastiche’.  A small selection of published recordings can be purchased from iTunes.com and Audible.com.